Coffee Has Met its Matcha

It's good to "get up and go", and even better to do it slow... a more relaxed ramp-up helps to get right into the flow.

For a quick jolt, an all-nighter, or emergency wake-ups, there's always good ol' coffee...

But for most days, when we have the time to choose clarity and calm - those cool days when you plan the day in an easy way - nothing beats a hot cup of matcha.

Moving into the day with like a musical rhythm - that's the meaning of moto.

Theanine Caffeine Green Synergy
(No Laboratory Required)

There's nothing like going full matcha-mode. The jitterless focus is ideal for creatives and thinkers, whether you're writing books or writing code. It's all made possible by the combination of naturally high theanine and caffeine of matcha tea.

It's science, baby!

Matcha Masterfully Made,
Priced for People

Master matcha, people price - that's the Moto Motto.

Matcha Moto is the very highest quality of matcha available, but it won't leave a gash in your fat stash of cash.

(although... it might leave some green in the 'stache).